The home is managed and centrally controlled by a home automation system designed to support unmatched performance and reliability. Everything from lighting controls to a unique sound system is available at the touch of a button from strategically placed in-wall touch panels and wireless tablets. Components such as satellite receivers, amplifiers, and surround sound processors that would typically need to be accommodated throughout the house are centrally located in a single equipment closet for ease of use. The interface is exceptionally intuitive and is customized with property-specific feature and floor plans. 

Lighting Control
The interior and exterior lighting featured in the home is managed from a centralized control system. Featuring universal dimmers, the remodeled home can adjust its energy-efficient LED light fixtures with optimal dimming capabilities. Through the use of a built-in astronomical clock, as well as interior light sensors, lighting for certain areas is managed entirely by the lighting control system. The line of keypads are distributed throughout the home to provide lighting controls of both individual lights as well as user-configurable scenes. 

Audio Presentation
A complete, whole-house audio system operates in 16 zones throughout the home, allowing each room to enjoy customized music and volume settings. For example, the system can incorporate spa music in the master suite, modern hits in the office, and sophisticated musical pieces in the kitchen during all at the same time. Content can originate from any media source as well as most streaming internet devices. 

Digital Media
The ultra-powerful NVX video distribution solution is the backbone for distributing 4K capable video to every TV in the home. A standard CAT5/CAT6 cabling system is used to distribute no-latency video, which enhances the user’s experience. The source components are centrally located in the equipment room, eliminating the need for unsightly, space-consuming entertainment centers or large media cabinets. The TV’s are controlled using an elegant, yet rugged TSR-310 handheld remote control.

Video Surveillance
Video surveillance enhances the sense of security in the home. The entire perimeter is protected with multiple 4 megapixel, high-definition network cameras. Housed in waterproof domes, the cameras are able to capture high-quality footage, day or night. A high-capacity NVR (Network Video Recorder) stores all the recorded content for viewing purposes. Camera content, both live and recorded, can be conveniently viewed on any TV on the property, as well as any wireless devices. 

Security System
An enhanced security system is used to provide not just the standard piece of mind, but occupancy awareness for the Remodel home. Full integration with home automation solution allows events to take place based on alarm activity. A garage door opening after midnight will trigger a pathway light from the garage entry. The system will also audibly announce over the house audio system as doors/windows are opened. The detailed alarm audio programmed with this innovative security system offers a location awareness feature that describes the reason for the alarm activation.